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Costas Kythreotis & Son Ltd which was renamed K. Kythreotis Holdings Public Ltd in 2000, was founded in 1970 and has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of high quality aggregates operating in the Limassol district.  

K. Kythreotis Holdings Public Ltd has the rights to extract rock from our 275,000m² quarry located between the villages of Parekklisia and Kellaki just off the E109.  We produce aggregates (crushed rock and sand) and road base materials all in accordance with ΕΝ13043, ΕΝ12620 ,ΕΝ13242 και ΕΝ13139 as well as to the stricter specifications of the Public Works Department.  The crushing plant has a capacity of 350 tons/hour of final aggregates thus bringing it to an annual capacity of over 800.000 tones.

Our customer base ranges from major construction companies involved in private and government funded projects to smaller local customers involved in regional day to day business.

Through our Environmental Policy and procedures we are commitment to protecting the world around us and preserving precious resources.  We have installed a sophisticated dust control system on our crushing plant to eliminate the dust escaping from its source.  All the water used by our dust suppression systems throughout our production processes is 100% recycled by harvesting rainwater and storing it in our 33,000m³ artificial lake situated in the centre of our quarry.

Here at K. Kythreotis Holdings Public Ltd we recognise our responsibility for effective quarry reclamation to minimize and mitigate the environmental effects.  Rehabilitation management is an ongoing process involving a number of activities such as reshaping the land, restoring topsoil, and planting native grasses and trees.

Fine Aggregates    
Grain size Specification Use
0 – 4  mm CYS EN 13043 Asphalt
0 – 4  mm CYS EN 12620 Concrete
0 – 4  mm CYS EN 13139 Mortar
0 – 6.3mm     Pipe Bedding
Aggregate Mix    
Grain size Specification Use
4 – 10 mm CYS EN 13043 Asphalt
8 – 14 mm CYS EN 13043 Asphalt
10 – 20 mm  CYS EN 13043 Asphalt
10 – 32 mm CYS EN 13043 Asphalt
4 – 10 mm CYS EN 12620  Concrete
10 – 20 mm CYS EN 12620  Concrete
10 – 32 mm CYS EN 13242 Road Sub-Base material
10 – 32 mm CYS EN 13242 Road Base material
Course Aggregates    
Grain size   Use
20 mm – 40 mm   Drainage material
50 mm     Drainage material
50 mm – 100 mm   Drainage material
100 mm – 200 mm   Drainage material


C. Kythreotis - Skyrodema Ltd is one of the island’s leading producers and suppliers of ready-mixed concrete.  We operate from two modern plants located at the west and the east sides of the city of Limassol and with our large fleet of concrete trucks, pumps and equipement we ensure smooth and timely delivery of high quality products.  

C. Kythreotis - Skyrodema Ltd can meet the demands of the biggest and most complex projects on the island.  In recent projects we were able to produce over 4,500m³ of concrete in a single casting, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding the standards that are demanded by the leading companies in the construction industry.

Our Quality Department uses strict quality control procedures at all stages of the production process to ensure consistency and products that meet and exceed customer’s expectations. C. Kythreotis - Skyrodema Ltd can also provide to our customers a variety of technological services and solutions by introducing the latest advances in engineered concrete materials.


Standard ready-mixed Concrete
Standard ready-mix concrete is the most common form of concrete. It is manufactured in one of our factories according to as set design and as specified by CYS EN 206-1:2000, and delivered to the construction site at a guaranteed quality.

High Strength ready-mixed concrete
High Strength ready-mixed concrete type C40/50 and above is high performance concrete with excellent workability and is designed for pre-stressing of construction elements.

Architectural ready-mixed Concrete
Architectural ready-mixed concrete can provide a structural function, as well as provide a beautiful aesthetic or decorative finish to the client’s specification.

Shotcrete ready-mixed concrete
Shotcrete ready-mixed concrete is a specially designed sand-cement mixture, delivered to the construction site to be pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a backup surface.

Lightweight ready-mixed concrete
Lightweight ready-mixed concrete is made by incorporating rigid polyurethane foam into a cementitious mixture to reduce its weight and at the same time increase it’s R-value.

Self-compacting ready-mixed concrete
Self-compacting ready-mixed concrete has very high flow and therefore, it is self-leveling, eliminating the need for vibration.  It exhibits very high compaction as a result of its low air content and can achieve very high strengths.

Floor screed
Floor screed is a flowing cementitious material that provides a quick, smooth and level surface with less levelling effort than standard concrete.  

C. Kythreotis Skyrodema Ltd can supply a range of internal and external application mortars to clients’ specific requirements.

Concrete Admixtures
Concrete admixtures can always be added to ready-mix concrete in the form of powder or liquid during the mixing process, at the plant or inside the transit mixer, prior to casting, in order to improve certain properties of the concrete or to add properties which are not present in regular concrete.  Chemical admixtures are used to improve the quality of concrete during mixing, transporting, placement and curing.

Technical Support
Our Technical team offers professional support and provides optimal solutions for customers.  Here at C. Kythreotis Skyrodema Ltd we work closely with our customers, exploring technical solutions, preparing test mixes and developing special products all in accordance with customer requirements.